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My Time At

By Tom Courcey on 7th October 2015, posted in: Intern Talk

Gaining an internship of any note is an achievement. You finally feel as if you are making some progress into what you want to do, and this internship will be the final stage of the process.

When I applied for the internship at I was still interning at Schön!  Magazine where I was a features/editorial intern. After receiving an email saying that I was invited to have an interview with Chris Hobbs the Menswear Style Editor I naturallyresearched the company intensely and read up on Chris himself, his past jobs and work, so that when my interview came around, I was prepared!

The Interview

My outfit prepared (black jumper, white collared shirt, grey flecked trousers, black patent loafers, my trusty leather biker jacket and my adored Mulberry bag) I headed off for my interview at their head offices in Clapham. Preparation is key with any job or internship interview, as you never know what they may ask you about the company or yourself.

My interview went swimmingly, as I really got along with Chris, we watched the same shows and were interested in the same things, as being yourself is a massive part of anything in life.  Humour also is a key, tell a (tasteful) anecdote or joke and get them to remember you, that you can get along with other people and work well.

A few days went past and I got a call from the HR department at offering me the internship, I was ecstatic, an internship where I could really prove myself and do something that really contributed to the business.

My First Day

My first day I was completely nervous, not knowing what to wear (clearly the most important thing), not knowing where to go or what to say to people, but when I arrived I as greeted like I had worked there for years, everyone was willing to help and greeted me, it was really refreshing to see that the stereotypes that are normally associated with the fashion industry just werenʼt there.

It was full on straight away. I met my predecessor, a lovely girl named Jagoda who showed me the ropes, the doʼs and donʼts and taught me the general day to day office goings on. Although our meeting was brief, as it was her last day, I felt that I was ready to tackle my new position.

After The First Day Nerves

With being a luxury fashion retailer I got to work with some amazing pieces of clothing, both stock and press, which really hit home where I was. Everything was wrapped in plastic garment bags and hanging on rails ready to be used or sent back (knowing which was which was my job). Liaising with different PRʼs was also a part of my job, calling in new season pieces that hadnʼt been released yet, this, I really did enjoy, because I got to connect with people from different brands and countries and build a professional relationship with them. I particularly got along with the Press Assistant from Burberry, who is a girl named Georgina, who made me feel so welcome and answered any emails and queries regarding pieces that I needed calling in.

Finding something to wear in the morning was the most difficult task, not because of my own vanity, but because the job was so varied, wearing the wrong thing could be very impractical, so you had to know what you were doing to dress accordingly. I made this mistake on my first day by wearing my brand new (never worn) Adidas Stan Smiths. I regretted my decision when I took them off and my feet were bloodied and bruised because I had been running up and down the stairs all day preparing for a photo shoot.

Photo Shoots

Along with connecting with PR firms photo shoots were another love of mine whilst at They were another insight into this fast paced world, something you could really get stuck into and be a part of the team creating these amazing stories that go both online and in the magazine.

Photo shoots could be a lengthy process before you even get on set. Many things had to be called in from different PRʼs and could take a few days to arrange their arrival, this could be particularly stressful as you had a deadline of when they needed to be in by.

The photo shoots themselves were brilliant, up very early to get to the set, which could be anywhere in London, and set up all the clothes that had been sent over previously. I would organise them into what was press and what was stock and wait for them rest of the team to arrive as I was normally the first one on set. Once the rest of the crew and model arrived we were ready to shoot, which could take anything from half a day to 10:00pm, but I loved every second of it.

In The End

My time at was a very rewarding and uplifting experience. I had the best three months there meeting so many different people and experiencing different things. I loved working under Chris and Simon Chilvers (Menswear Director) as they made me feel welcomed and I was given responsibility for the first time, which makes the whole experience worthwhile and rewarding. If they were to offer me a position at the brand I would of taken it in a heartbeat. Donʼt get me wrong, there were some challenging days but that didnʼt take me love for the position and the people away.

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