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Logistics and Communications Manager

Listing ID: 999975

Logistics and Communications Manager

Type of Position: Permanent Position
Company / Organisation / Artist Name: MJB
Location: Fulham, South West London, London, UK
Hours: Full Time
Experience: Entry level / Graduate - 0 - 1 years experience
Start Date: ASAP
Salary: £25,000 + bonus
Deadline: Ongoing
Ad Expires In: 4 weeks 1 day
About: MJB is a British menswear brand, crafted in Italy. It is about to show it’s sixth season at Paris Fashion Week Men’s in June. It is sold in over 20 of the best stores in the World. These stores include Selfridges (London), Dover Street Market (LA), H Lorenzo (LA), Jeffrey (NYC), Leclaireur (Paris) and many others. The brand is known for being worn on stage with many of the biggest music artists. Celebrities such as Migos, Tom Hardy, Gigi Hadid, Marilyn Manson and many others regularly wear the brand.

The brand is growing internationally and looking for a new dynamic person to the join the logistics and communications side of the business.

We are looking for someone who is positive, dedicated and keen to grow with the brand. This person needs to naturally be very organised, who enjoys dealing with numbers and accuracy.  A large part of the job is dealing with the logistics side of the business. These precise tasks include arranging customer orders, arranging the logistics of production with our factories and shipping the products worldwide.

The person needs to be able to multitask as often different tasks need to be completed at similar times.  A lot of this work is done on Excel.  Must enjoy being able to negotiate.  Often negotiations need to be made on price and timings with factories.
Must be able to be good under pressure and able to stay calm.  The fashion calender has tight deadlines.  As the brand is young we need someone who is dynamic and positive, who is keen to get stuck in and grow with the brand.
With tight deadlines, before Paris fashion weeks the work load can be intense.  We need someone that is dedicated and can handle this pressure and work load.
Key elements of the job description:

Liaising with Suppliers

  • Creating detailed specification sheets and making sure it is clear for the atelier.
  • Having a detailed system to get new samples made.
  • Having a production sheet for samples.  To include instructions, deadline dates, materials used and pricing.
  • Creating budgets and time lines for new collections.
  • Having accurate orders for the ateliers.
  • Communicating clearly with the atelier and making sure they are on time with the orders.
  • Verifying shop orders are correct, up to standard and sent on time. 


  • Managing Instagram. Posting, responding to comments and interacting daily.
  • Creating campaigns and pre planning the social media strategy.
  • Pro actively planning who has concerts and appearances in London.Reaching out to these people.We want to dress the A-list stars that come to London.
  • Create pitches for potential future collaborators.
  • Manage deals and negotiations.
  • Action the collaborations from design, production, events and drops.
  • Getting MJB coverage in targeted press.
  • Create proposals for sponsors and all of those involved.
  • Arrange all photoshoots and communicate to all members on shoot of times, location, rules and agenda. Prepare signing of NDA. Confirm Fees.
  • Assisting MJB with confirming and approving designs and collections.
  • Communicating with suppliers, collaborators and designers on all updates and feedback from the MJB Team.


  • Confirming orders with the shops.
  • Liaising with them in terms of delivery, payments and marketing.
  • Providing the shops with the marketing material they require.
  • Preparing accurate paperwork for delivery of goods to shops. Attention to detail is key so to avoid delays with the shipment.
  • Processing the shipment with the appropriate shipping provider.
  • Correct packaging of goods, as per store requests.
  • Daily tracking of shipment until it is received by the store. 


  • Optimise sales for the site
  • Keep the website up to date.
  • Make sure the website links to our stock.
  • Improve the site and make it as user friendly as possible.
  • Package and post items sold on the site.
  • Link the sales to QB our accounting software. 


  • Constant understanding of stock in quantity, sizing and monetary levels.
  • Tracking loans and keeping the loans document updated at all times. Arranging return of loans.
  • Organisation of private stock.  Keeping it continually organised and prepared for Private and Website Sales.
  • Cross checking all incoming stock to make sure it matches the invoice.
  • Update Stocktake document weekly. 


  • Invoicing on time and inputting correctly on accounts system. 
  • Making sure payments made on time and paid correctly. 
  • Accounting software up to date each week.
  • Expenses updated weekly at same time.
  • Providing information to accounts for VAT returns, end of year submissions.
  • Weekly update the cash flow document. 


  • Attending certain meetings and making notes.
  • Planning MJB calender and meetings.
  • Filing paper work.
  • Managing diary.
  • Managing travel. 

Showroom in Paris (currently twice a year):

  • Organisation of showroom and completion of the time line.
  • Shipping product to Paris 
  • Liaising with atelier so products are made on time
  • Shoot the campaign 
  • Prepare press book
  • Prepare line sheet and pricing
  • Prepare visuals with the MJB Graphic Designer
  • Have iPads, business cards charged and ready each day at Showroom. 
  • Have boxes and hangers arranged 
  • Model arranged 
  • Accommodation and transport booked 6 weeks in advance 
  • Restaurants booked in advance 
  • Stationery arranged
  • Processing orders at the showroom. 
  • Being at the showroom 15 minutes before it opens 
  • Make sure the showroom is set up each day 
  • Put rails back after buyers make selections 
  • Know the wholesale and retail prices of the items to memory
  • Assist MJB in selling 
  • Make sure the rest of team and models are on time and D/ARK, our Wholesale agent, send selections off to shops.
  • Unpacking, steaming and hanging all the pieces
  • Boxing all up at end of Showroom
  • Check list for items. Database of what stock we have 
  • Keep desk area tidy and neat.
  • Making sure model on brand and briefed on show room etiquette  

Skills / Experience: 

  • Proficient in Excel, Word and Power point systems. Training is also available for this
  • General understanding of Word press
  • General understanding of Quickbooks accounting system
  • Must be incredibly organised with attention to detail
  • Previous Admin experience
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure 

Working environment: 

  • Small team.  
  • Comfortable working independently. 
  • Desire to grow with the company.

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