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Marketplace Manager

Listing ID: 1427420

Marketplace Manager

Type of Position: Permanent Position
Company / Organisation / Artist Name: Central 23
Location: Soho, Central London, London, UK
Hours: Full Time
Experience: Entry level
Salary / Wage: Competitive
Reporting To: CEO
Twitter Handle: @
Deadline: 30th September 2022
Ad Expires In: 4 days 3 hours
About: Central 23 is a rapidly growing company supplying fun topical products to leading retailers.

Who Are We?

Central 23 are on a mission to share our fun with more people by continually improving our products, exposure and experience. 

We are a small team of 5. 

Please only continue reading if you work hard, if you take pride in your work, if you’re extremely ambitious, if you’re an independent thinker, if you aim for continuous improvement, if you’re not afraid to fail and if you’re nice - fun and positive. 

Our History

We started out selling novelty products but customers weren’t interested (our initial fail with Central 23) The first product we (actually) sold was a Kim Kardashian greeting card and it took around two years of hard work and hustle to get that first sale with Urban Outfitters. 

We have been in business since 2016. From our modest start of a single greeting card sale to Urban Outfitters, we now sell stationery and homewares to over 5,000 stores around the world! We still have a long way to go!


Our office is based in the heart of Central London, Soho to be exact. We are behind a very welcoming graffiti ridden door. There are so many games you can play in Soho but my favourite is called “what is that smell”. It will keep you guessing for hours.

The One In A Million We Are Looking For 

We’re looking for someone extremely hard-working, passionate, energetic, ambitious and fun. 

Here is a breakdown of those traits: 

At Central 23, you get back what you put in. If you join the company, work hard and make shit happen, you will be rewarded accordingly. We are a small team and have big aspirations. We don’t have space for people who can’t commit 110%. Working at Central 23 is by no means easy but easy is boring. 

Delivering to a high standard is only possible when you truly care about what you are doing. It means fully immersing yourself in your work and being proud of the finished results. 

Ambition and high aspirations are really important because it means you have a drive to succeed and grow. We want to work with people who love a challenge and won’t stop until their goal has been achieved. People that see a problem and need to solve it. People that have a desire for more responsibility and higher compensation. 

We need independent thinkers with their own opinions. Central 23 can’t improve or grow with yes people. We need someone that has a strong voice who can think outside of the box and get creative. 

As a business we are always looking to improve. Improving our product, exposure and experience. We need the same from the people within the business. People that are looking to grow, that analyse their strengths and weaknesses so that they can improve. Take every opportunity to ask for feedback “How am I doing?”, “How is this?”, “How can I do this better?”. Always stay curious and try to learn more about what you are doing to improve your understanding. 

Being a small, young and nimble business means that we are constantly trying lots of different and new things. Inevitably some of those things will fail. We want people to try, try and try again. If you fail with something, pick yourself up and move onto the next. Learn from your failures and fail as quickly as possible so you can move onto the next idea or project. 

We spend most of our time at work or on work. It’s not only the end goal that is enjoyable, it’s the journey. We want to work alongside people who are nice, who have fun, who are super optimistic and caring. We want to do amazing things and enjoy ourselves while we do it! 

Why Central 23?

We are a young company; 5 years old!

At Central 23 you’re not just a number, you’re a first name and maybe a last name if there are two of us with the same first name! We are small and entrepreneurial. 

It’s not easy and you will have a lot on your plate but it will be rewarding. You will have a lot of freedom and flexility to try new things and will be taking lead positions in key areas of the business. 

From minute one at Central 23, you would have every opportunity to literally change the course of the company if you have the good ideas and they are bold enough (notice how I bolded the bold!) 

— What is it like?

Vee P, joined 2020
Central 23 expect you to be good at what you do, and that expectation has pushed me to excel. You will be trusted and your opinion is valued, I’ve never worked anywhere where I’ve felt as appreciated as I do at Central 23!

Emily B, joined 2017

Working at central 23 is so much fun. It’s a friendly atmosphere and the best part is having pride and a real sense of achievement within my work.


The Marketplace Manager is a very important role within the business. 

You don’t need specific experience; however, you need to be able to learn fast, enjoy research, work quickly, continuously test, and lead. 

  • Research, develop and launch new products
  • Drive category growth 
  • Responsible for working with the best suppliers and negotiating costs
  • Testing growth strategies
  • Managing seasonal peaks, stock levels and account health


This is your first chance to show that you can think outside of the box (get creative with your application)!  Please also provide examples of how you meet all of the following traits: 

  • Hard Working
  • Take Pride In Your Work 
  • Extremely Ambitious 
  • Independent Thinker 
  • Looking To Improve
  • Not Afraid To Fail
  • Nice, Fun & Positive 

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