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Social Media Manager

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Social Media Manager

Type of Position: Permanent Position
Company / Organisation / Artist Name: Lucky Egg
Location: Soho, Central London, London, UK
Hours: Full Time
Experience: 1 to 2 years
Salary / Wage: Competitive
Reporting To: CEO
Deadline: Ongoing
Ad Expires In: 2 weeks 20 hours
About: At Lucky Egg, we are supercharging entertainment to make the world a happier place.

We wake up everyday to put smiles on faces
We are a bunch of optimists
You know, the glass half full types
We're positive even when things don't seem to be going our way... because we keep going until things do go our way

We believe in the ripple effect:
If we can make one person happier, they might pass their happiness onto 10 more people.
If we can make 10 people happier, they might pass their happiness onto 100 more people!
If we can make 1 million people happier, they might pass their happiness onto 10 million people!

We feel like the tortoise at the start of a never ending race... Slow and steady, bit by bit, with continuous improvement we are certain we can make a difference, one smile at a time

At Lucky Egg, we are supercharging entertainment to make the world a happier place.

We are searching for the perfect person to join our startup and supercharge the entertainment across Lucky Egg's social media (which is pretty much non existent at the moment).

We are looking for an optimist, a glass half full type, someone who wakes up everyday to make others smile! We want to turn our social media into a hub for entertainment. A place where people can come to smile and laugh. 

The Brand

Lucky Egg is based out of Soho, London. We design, develop and sell tabletop party games! We launched in 2021 and are a small but growing team. There are currently 4 of us.

We sell our products on Amazon and into retail.

We have experience selling products into big retailers like Selfridges, Oliver Bonas, Urban Outfitters, TJX and more. 

Here are some phrases that elaborates on who we are and what we believe in:

  • We are independent thinkers with strong opinions that we can back up
  • We respect others and care for one and other
  • We are a meritocracy (flat hierarchy and no sucking up allowed)
  • We all muck in (no job is too menial - answering the phone, taking out the trash)
  • We are ambitious
  • We take pride in our work (the name of each team member is included on our products)
  • We work hard
  • We continuously improve (everything sucks at first, it's our job to improve on things to make them not suck)
  • We are not afraid to fail and we always try new things
  • We innovate
  • We care about the smallest details
  • We go above and beyond to create amazing customer experiences
  • We hate niche terminology that makes you sound clever and might confuse others
  • We are playful
  • We like a little weirdness
  • We enjoy research and build up strong knowledge in our areas of focus
  • We do more with less
  • We are out of the box thinkers

Why Choose Lucky Egg?

We aren't just selling party games, we are making the world a happier place! We are 100% focussed on coming into work everyday to take entertainment to the next level! We set a new bar for ourselves on a daily basis and work tirelessly to top it.

At Lucky Egg you will have a lot of autonomy and a lot of responsibility. This means you will have the freedom and flexibility to constantly test new things. You will be able to see your experiments through and it's a very rewarding feeling when those experiments succeeds!

Team members can choose when and where they work from if the role allows for it (roles like customer support will have set hours to follow and some roles will be office based). Our office in Soho is a great hub where the team can get together, brain storm, have fun, throw ideas around and get creative. 
We push for team members to come into the office at least once a week as we have seen how positive face to face collaboration is when trying to supercharge entertainment. 

Flexible work hours and locations doesn't mean working at Lucky Egg is more relaxed than other companies. In fact, we have super high productivity standards and expectations. They're probably higher than other companies. We can't really move the needle if we aren't putting in the effort. That's why we are looking for people who are seriously committed to our cause.

The culture at Lucky Egg is fluid and evolving. We want whoever joins us to bring their own special flavour to our culture which will help develop it further! 

The Ideal Candidate

Below is a quote from Rework by Jason Fried that reflects the type of candidate we are looking for:

"Managers of one are people who come up with their own goals and execute them. They don’t need heavy direction. They don’t need daily check-ins. They do what a manager would do - set the tone, assign items, determine what needs to get done, etc. - but they do it by themselves and for themselves.

These people free you from oversight. They set their own direction. When you leave them alone, they surprise you with how much they’ve gotten done. They don’t need a lot of hand-holding or supervision.
How can you spot these people? Look at their back-grounds. They have set the tone for how they’ve worked at other jobs. They’ve run something on their own or launched some kind of project. You want someone who’s capable of building something from scratch and seeing it through. Finding these people frees the rest of your team to work more and manage less."

The Role Requirements

I would say this section is the least important of this job post. What I mean by that is we prioritise a culture fit over experience - "skills can be taught but attitude can't".

Having said that experience would be really useful for this role for two reasons:

  1. 'The team at Lucky Egg are independent thinkers with strong opinions that we can back up'
  2. 'The team at Lucky Egg enjoy research and build up strong knowledge in our areas of focus'

It is hard to have strong opinions and knowledge in areas of focus without experience. We aren't explicitly looking for traditional experience e.g. 'I have worked in social media for 2 years'. We would actually much prefer to see personal experience and interest in the field outside of your previous employment.

We need someone to come in and not be afraid to tell us what we are doing wrong, what we can do better and make suggestions that will fundamentally drive the business forward.

Day To Day Responsibilities:

  • Social media strategy with an understanding of budgets
  • Content creation (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn etc)
  • Finding and nurturing influencer partners
  • Building collaboration opportunities
  • Feed back insightful data from social to help new product development

Next Steps

I mentioned above that we are out of the box thinkers and we want more out of the box thinkers to join our team! 

Now is your chance to show us how you think out of the box. Please make sure your application is creative and please share your ideas for our social.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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